Tuesday 19/1 2016

I am now on the ground in Nepal again! My journey started yesterday afternoon with a train ride together with Sophie Lööf to Stockholm and the Arlanda airport for me. My first flight took off at 21:30 headed towards Doha. It was a good flight and I managed to sleep quite well. I have a 2,5 hour stop in Doha.

8:25 Now I am on the plane headed to Kathmandu, where I managed to get some sleep on that flight, too.

15:40 I touch down in Kathmandu now! 17:30 I am currently waiting for Karma Lama but he doesn’t show. It turns out that he is in Ratankot because some of his relatives have died, so he has probably forgotten to pick me up I believe. But he will phone a car that will come and get me. The picture posted shows what a wonderful chaos it is outside the airport.

18:30 I am headed to the hostel, and it is cold and dark both inside and outside. The lighting goes on the emergency batteries. I start cooking a little freeze dried pasta with chicken stew on the portable stove when even the emergency batteries come to an end, after more then 12 hours of power failure, so we’re now going to have to use candles. It feels great to have some delicious hot food and coffee. I bury myself deep down into the sleeping bag and text Sophie for a little, who is on her way home from Stockholm by train.

20:15 Power is back and the internet works too so I upload my diary and some photos I have taken since I’ve arrived. Will soon be to sleep, as I am feeling a little tired after the long journey.

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