Now we have received confirmation from Nepal that our schedule and budget of about 250 kkr for the rebuilding of the family home will be held, and staffed in November. This time, we are building with more cement, concrete and reinforcement, while at the same time reusing as much material from the previous family home as we can. This way we can retain the classic look! Inauguration and occupancy is scheduled for early April in 2016!

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  • Brent Kerehona says:

    Hi there,

    I am a secondary school teacher in Sydney, Australia, and our school (Cabramatta High) raised funds for the Home of Hope earlier this year.

    My wife and I are visiting Nepal to trek to Mt Everest Base Camp in mid-late January, and would like to visit the Home of Hope in Ratankot (if possible?).

    I believe that having a teacher visit the orphanage, film any works in progress or completed, and possibly the students, would be a genuine learning opportunity for our students; making their fundraising efforts all the more relevant and meaningful.

    Please contact us on the following email address:

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