7:10 I wake up rested, and slept really well. I think the past two nights I slept so poorly because of my back. For breakfast I had porridge with fruit and coffee. I skim through the mail and answer some. No power, so it is lucky there is a battery backup here at the hostel, some lamps and sockets work plus the Internet for the most part. 

8:30 I have a meeting with the construction engineer who is on time, however the other participants are not so we begin without them, I manage to get him on board of my ideas, and he was some really good ideas on how we’re doing. Karma comes and even Shyam a little later on. The reasoning continues, and I get a good feeling about this meeting, the engineer promises to make a new spreadsheet, so we will have another meeting tomorrow morning.

11:00 I make a cup of coffee and read some emails. 

11:30 Shyam returns, he promised to take me to an ATM, so I jump up on his motorcycle and then it’s off in Kathmandu’s narrow alleys, it is really fun and I learn new paths one can take to different things. 

12:30 I am back at the hostel after having tried several ATMs, none work, even though they have their own generators for the ATMs, it is probably because of the power outage. Now for lunch, I have an omelette and coffee. Working to publish diaries on FB and communicate with Sophie at home in Sweden who has been working a lot with the gala dinner and book release, she will deliver the first books to Karströms bookstore in Mariestad today, I am feeling pretty proud of that fact that I fulfilled an old dream to make a book. Even better is that Sophie had the same dream! 

14:30 Trying to start a washable machine, but the power has disappeared again. Looking from my window at the monks playing volleyball with a completely worn ball and only a string as the net in their yard, apparently they have a week off now so I wonder if I’ll sponsor them with a ball and a net, what do you think readers?

15:30 The power is back. 

16:00 I go off to make a new withdrawal attempt at an ATM. 

17:00 Back at the hostel, I was not able to take out any money but had chips and a beer in the evening. Helene Grell was very kind to do my laundry and hung it up too, thanks so much! Continuing with administrative chores. 

18:00 Now for dinner, I had chicken stew that tastes good with a store lukewarm beer. Power is gone again. I will continue to work after dinner. 

20:00 I thought I would take a shower, but now with all of these power outages, there is hardly any water left, so I put it off for now and keep working. 

21:45 The power is back but still bad water pressure, getting tired and will soon be bed time for me, I think. Now I keep my fingers crossed that tomorrow’s meeting will be successful and that they will know what we are capable of.
Good night from Kathmandu, Nepal

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