8:30 wake up to the heat and all the ambient sound, lots of activity at the blacksmiths, monks, low-flying propeller planes, dogs, traffic etc. I do not feel immediately refreshed, the clock’s pretty early in Swedish time.

9:00 For breakfast I had rice porridge with strawberries, my favourite! Helene Grell knocks on my door, she and Johan Friman have talked to Choedak (monk in charge of the hostel) of our common idea of sponsoring a new router, the old has little to be desired. He was delighted so we asked him to order a good one. I work a little bit with our webshop we have to sell the book, bracelets and some other things in favour of our philanthropic work.

11:00 Construction and engineering will soon be here.

11:30 Still no engineer.

12:00 Still no engineer, contact Karma Lama, he says they will be here at 13:00, which is a little frustrating, however I suppose this is how it works here.

13:00 No engineer.

13:15 Now he is here

15:00 The meeting ended, I feel thoughtful and disappointed, reconstruction proposal is very expensive

15:20 Call Sophie to report, discuss and consult. We conclude that it must be possible for it to be cheaper, so I will think about some solutions.

16:00 Heavy rain, looks to be larger water droplets here, while I think of it, I take a cup of coffee and crisp bread, does anyone know if it can be bigger drops here and if so, why?

17:00 Stopped raining, I’m now out on Kathmandu’s wet streets, even more scents than there usually is, think of the mass of different scents available here that you do not feel at home, but the air is unbelievably dirty. Take out today’s “ATM ration”, had intended to go and buy 150 toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste but realize that there will not be enough time before dark and I do not want to wander about on the pitch-black streets alone, there are no street lights and power cuts are relentless. I go to Karma to plan tomorrow’s shopping trip instead, pass one of the tent camps, not a pretty sight

18:20 Back at the hostel, just as darkness falls. I join Helene and John who talk about their day at Kathmandu’s water world with “their” orphanage children.

19:30 I had a little chiliconcarne, tasted delicious, was considerably hungry.

20:00 Writes diary.

22:00 Now time to shower and then to bed. Thanks for today, tomorrow I will trade good things to the children of Ratankot.


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