The first day’s diary from Nepal, traveling 5th

Monday, 07/09

14:50 Then it’s off, in the taxi to Töreboda and then the train to Arlanda
19:19 In Arlanda I converged with Sophie at the hotel celebrating my birthday with room service.


Tuesday, 08/09

6:20 Sophie is headed onto her trip to Moscow to visit Partex Russia. I slept a bit longer.
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 I go to the check-in and buy a memory card to your camera and Swedish flags to take to the village Ratankot .
11:05 Would have take of.
11:25 Take of against Doha.
19:00 (Doha time) landing, I go look in the shops; they’re pretty expensive, like in Sweden, so I buy nothing.
20:30 Going to the lounge, have traveled so much with Qatar I get in there now, luxurious, comfortable, ample and free, so just to fit in. Work a little, emailed div bokgrossister and tried to sell our book.
23:30 Approaching gate C21.


Wednesday, 09.09

01:05 Would have take of. It takes a lot of time for all returning Nepalese to stow all hand baggage, full of shelves and under the seats.
01:35 Take of. Successfully sleep about 2 hours.
8:25 Kathmandu time, we land, almost right on time. Unusually fast to get through visas, passports, security and baggage claim.
9:10 Karma picks me up and drives me to the monastery hostel. Lots of traffic and bad air, it seems that most moved back again.
10:00 rest for a while, at approximately 5:30 Swedish time.
11:30 Meeting with Pema, he rescheduled his flight to get the time to meet me, what a lovely man he is, but he is significantly influenced by all the misery that affects people in the world.
12:30 I drink a cup of coffee, talking with Johan Friman and Helene Grell who also worked with philanthropy in Nepal and are staying at the hostel.
14:00 I wave to Pema who goes home to India. Now for some lunch, freeze dried chicken, tastes good, eat to the sound of böneläsning of voices and car horns
15:00 go to meet Karma in his shop but he is not there. It is a hive of activity on the streets, much like before the earthquakes. I pass several renovation projects and even new construction. But it is still a tent camp left. Most shops are open but much is provisionally fixed. Seeing a lot of damage to walls and drainage system after the monsoon.
16:00 Still no Karma Lama so I go and purchase some supplies and arrange a good price for solar panels to the orphanage, about 11000 sek assembled and ready, sounds like a good price
17:00 Still no Karma Lama so I go to the hostel.
17:30 Taking a much needed shower, unfortunately it is cold when there is a power failure. Here it is +28 and high humidity, so it is not the whole world
18:30 Writes in diary, emailed, Texting with Sophie Lööf in Russia and drinking coffee.
20:30 I will eat dinner and then it will be timr to curl up in bed, feeling pretty worn. Many memories awakened when I’m here again! Thanks for today.

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