Lööf Foundation have been receiving SEK 89 433 to  the re-building of our family home “Home of Hope” !

09052015Thanks to all generous contributions we have been receiving, we are now able to send a representative to Ratankot up in Nepal in order to start the re-building of our family home! We feel very grateful towards everyone that has donated funds to us, believing in us and our work to build a safe haven for the orphan and semi-orphan children in the mountain areas of Ratankot.

Mr Johan Magnsson is now on his way to Nepal, he started his journey today and will reach Kathmandu Sunday 10th May in the afternoon. He will sleep his first night at the Porong monastery and he will start his travel towards Ratankot on Monday May 11th. We do not know much about the road situation, yet he will travel with a representative from Ratankot who has good knowledge and experience, so I feel pretty safe with their travel.

Johan will stay in Ratankot for nearly three weeks – he will work together with the villagers and help as much as possible. The biggest goal is, of course, to get the family home back on its feet and hopefully get it ready so the children can move in as soon as possible. But it is yet too early to say anything about the time schedule, but the target is to get it ready so we can hold the inauguration on June 6th as planned. Johan will also try to help as much as possible in the village of Ratankot. He is knowledgeable in electricity, so we hope that his contribution will get the electricity back in the village.

Monsoon is coming soon so it is important to get work going as soon as possible to be well prepared for the rain that will come. Johan is going to sleep in a waterproof tent, he has his own food with him – 3 weeks of freeze dried portions and also a water cleaning system and tablets.  This way he will be self-sufficient and will not need to use any of the Nepalese supplies.

We wish Johan the biggest luck in his very important assignment! We will continually update how the work is progressing and how the funds are being used so you can all see that your donations are making a big difference in the Nepalese people’s lives.

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