Now it is not far from the trip to Nepal. Then we take the first sod for the Home of Hope Foundation orphan children. The plane takes off from Sweden Easter Monday. We are two friendly and will have a lot of packing, around 75kg together.

We will be giving lots of soft teddy bears to the children in the village. We want to give them something that feels good and a soft toy gives most children a cozy feel. The gasket we also has warm blankets that we can give to the elderly in the village, as well as alot of other things that we will be leaving in the village.

In working with the orphanage we work with the Tibetan monk Pema Dorjee Lama, who works closely wit hteh Dalai Lama. Pema will bless the groundbreaking start of construction of the orphanage. This is an important ceremony for the people who live here and it will be very exciting to be there.


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