Lööf Foundation will start to empower young students at Ekuseni primary school in Hluhluwe to dare to dream through Star for Life’s unique educational program that is today available in 120 schools in southern Africa.
Through Star for Life’s well-trained coaches, students become motivated and inspired to invest in their schooling, take care of their health and make conscious choices in order to influence their future.

Ekuseni primary school was founded in 1939 by missionaries. Today the school has 974 students and 24 teachers. Lööf Foundations founder and chairman visited the school in August this year together with her husband Patrik. They were warmly welcomed by all students, teachers, headmaster and Star for Life coaches and representatives. So much happiness and prosperous thoughts for the future. Hopefully the Lööf Foundations support will help the school to take steps further in development and for the students to get more support and hopes for the future!

Very much looking forward to a great co-operation with the best interest for the children as the first priority!

//Sophie Lööf
Founder & Chairman
Lööf Foundation




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