At Home of Hope the children have settled into their new routine of being home schooled and helping with daily chores, such as in the chicken house, greenhouse, cooking or cleaning. One new activity that the children have successfully been doing is fishing in the nearby river. They have even caught a few fish that they’ve been able to eat!

Due to the closure of borders to China and India and shortages of food, medicine and gas, Home of Hope has been relying heavily on their greenhouse and chicken house for sustainable sources of food. They have stocked up food, medicine and gas for the coming three months, but it’s been a great help to also have self-sustainable sources. They are currently eating harvested onion, potato, green vegetables and nettle that they collect in the nearby forest. They currently have tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin, corn, assorted beans, spinach and peanuts growing, which they will harvest in June. They have been cooking over an open fire to preserve gas, which is great fun for the children as they feel like it’s a barbeque every day!

Recently they had the great fun to celebrate two of our children’s birthday, Prabin on April 16 and Salina on April 12. They made a cake for them and danced to music! Our housefather Shyam feels positive about the current situation, “We are all doing well, no one is sick, we are fine and good. We do not know what will happen in future, but we have prepared as much as we can, and we are all fine, and that is the most important thing!”





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