At Kenswed Hospital in Kenya, our staff are taking the precautions necessary to keep themselves and the general public safe from the COVID-19 virus, as well as keeping the potential spreading of the virus to a minimum. As of right now, there are only 10 confirmed cases in Kenya, but our staff is making sure they are prepared.

– Our nurse Jackline underwent safety training under the Ministry of Health, guided by the World Health Organization guidelines. This morning she took the rest of the staff through this training and are now all aware of safety precautions.
– Our staff no longer wear their home clothes under their uniforms. They are dressed only in scrubs, which are left at the clinic at the end of the day to be disinfected before next use.
– Every patient who comes to the clinic must have their temperature taken outside of the clinic. Anyone with a high temperature and coughing are to be isolated in a designated room as they wait for the government to send trained doctors, who then take the patient a designated government facility for further testing.
– All members of staff are wearing face masks, scrubs and using hand sanitizer as needed.
– The staff have set up a small station outside the clinic for people to wash hands before entering the building.

We hope that everyone out in the world is staying safe and healthy! Sending love to you all!


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