Last November we built a technical workshop in honor of Martin Lundstedt’s 50th birthday at the Ratankot school in Nepal. Martin Lundstedt is the president of Volvo AB and Partex Marking System’s Board Director. The workshop has been running for nine months now and approx. 50 children between grades 4-8 go once a week to learn woodworking and sewing skills. These are new subjects for them as we have employed a woodworking teacher and sewing teacher that comes one day a week and teaches them. The school children have learnt to make chairs, shelves, cupboards, storage boxes, piggy banks, window frames, door frames, ladders, pillows, shorts, towels and bibs for babies.

Both girls and boys learn how to sew, and how to woodwork, since we try to promote and teach gender equality as much as possible. We feel so proud and happy for all that these children have been able to learn in such a short period of time. These skills and knowledge that they learn now, will only be able to help them in their futures. We can’t wait to see what else they learn to create in the future!









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