Update on Martin Lundstedt’s technical workshop – April 4, 2018

We have now been able to hire a sewing and tailoring teacher, as we had difficulties finding one in November 2017, when we first created the technical workshop at the Ratankot school. We created it in honor of Martin Lundstedt’s 50th birthday, who is the board director of Partex and CEO of volvo worldwide. We have hired Rupa Gule, a 24-year-old woman who has five years’ experience as a tailor-woman and even has education from Kathmandu.

Together with Lapa Lama (wood working teacher) and Rupa held a workshop for the students in grade 4-8. We split the students in half so one group was learning how to sew while the other learned how to do wood working. We strongly encouraged the girls to get more involved as they were shy about the wood working part. After a few minutes they jumped right in and were hammering, sawing and planning together.

In the sewing part they were able to make two pillows together by the end of the workshop. Since the technical workshop has been created, they have been able to make boxes with hinges, small door frames and small window frames, a bench, chairs and are currently working on a shelf. We asked the students how they felt about the workshop, and they all said “very good” with big smiles on their faces!






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