Update on greenhouse – April 5, 2018

We built the greenhouse in Feb -17 next to Home of Hope so that the children can learn how to grow their own food and be self-sufficient. It’s important that they learn how to grow and harvest, and also be able to rely on themselves for food. The greenhouse is still standing tall, and inside they are growing garlic, onion, coriander, tumeric, ginger, carrots, beans, spinach, peas, chili, tomato, and there are also a couple of egg plants left.

We weeded inside the greenhouse with all of the children and it was a really great experience to be together and laugh. In some parts of the greenhouse roof, the water from the rainfall has started to pool in some areas. We tightened the plastic in the areas that needed, and also sewed up a rip in one part of the plastic.

During our visit in Feb -17, we bought citrus trees such as lemon and orange. One of the orange trees has been planted inside the greenhouse and is growing taller and bigger than the other orange tree that is planted outside of the greenhouse. None of the citrus trees have produced fruit yet, as they still need to grow for another 2 years.

There were also left over, dried beans from the last time they grew. Aren helped to take the shell away so that we could then use the seeds to replant again. It’s really great to see that the greenhouse is still in great condition and providing different types of vegetables for the children.










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