We had the great pleasure of donating 50 000:- Kenyan shillings to the Wayo Wayo Kibra Sports for Peace and Development Project today. It is the largest donation they have ever received. The project manager of the foundation is Abdul Hussein, who was also our guide from yesterday at the Kibera slums. Abdul grew up in the Kibera slums and he wanted to give to back society in some way. The Kibera slums is the biggest slum area in Nairobi, with over 1 000 000 living there. Most of the people living in Kibera are in extreme poverty, earning less than USD 1.90 per day. Many people living in Kibera are without running water, electricity, and toilets. Through speaking with him yesterday we were informed about his foundation that he started and runs. The Wayo wayo Kibra Foundation aims to educate youth by using sports as a vehicle to address social issues affecting youth. Their goal is to teach youth about sports while at the same time teaching them about life skills, substance abuse, financial education, gender equality and environmental issues. Their goal is to empower, educate and give hope to youth living in the Kibera slum. The organization has been running since 2016.

They currently have three different boys football teams for different age groups and two girl football teams. The football teams play in friendly matches and tournaments. They also have a jump rope team for boys and girls and an environmental program where they have clean up exercises and tree planting activities. With the donation they received from us today they plan to use the money to pay volunteers a monthly token of appreciation, pay the monthly fee for the field, buy footballs, first aid equipment, sanitary towels and pay bills for administration costs. Abdul expressed that this donation today will play a major role in transforming the lives of youth/beneficiaries of Wayo Wayo Kibra.

It was such a great feeling to be able to help and contribute to this wonderful organization that gives back to so many children that are in such need in this slum area. We are truly impressed by the dedication and heart of Abdul to help these youths. Abdul has many ideas, dreams and hopes of future activities that he would like to make available to the youth such as a floorball team, sexual health training and basic computer training courses to name a few. To fulfill these dreams, he needs the necessary funds. If anyone would like to donate to this wonderful cause, please contact us and we will forward any contact details to Abdul!

After our first meeting with Abdul, we then met with Isaac Macharia Wanjohi who is a Kenyan professional international runner who donated the land to us where we will build Home of Health & Babies. We met with him, the architect, doctor, building contractor, and a representative from the ministry of health in Kenya. Monica who has been our medical expert throughout the trip was also present for the meeting. We simplified the blueprints for the building of Home of Health & Babies to allow for easier access in and out of the building. We also discussed about holding information sessions for expecting mothers in front of Home of Health & Babies once we are up and running. Open hours for Home of Health & Babies will be 8:00-17:00 in the beginning. During the first couple of months of being open, we will focus on giving health examinations to the Kenswed Academy students who are next door, and then slowly open the clinic to more of the local people as there are approx. 7 000 people within walking distance of Home of Health & Babies. We will ease into the running of Home of Health & Babies so that we can establish good running hours, routine, proper procedure and not take on more than we are capable of handling. This way we can give the best care possible to every person that walks through our doors.

Home of Health & Babies will have seven members of staff, that being a midwife, doctor, clinic officer, receptionist, lab professional, person to run the pharmacy, and a janitor. It was great to have Monica be a part of the meeting as she is a nurse and midwife in Sweden. Her input, knowledge and guidance has been very valuable to this project. It is interesting to look back a few years when I first met her at a book store where I was selling our book “Dreams of an Orphanage”. Now after a couple years we are here together making first ground together for Home of Health & Babies, executing the same dream and vision together that we’ve both had of opening a maternity ward. Monica has now headed back to Sweden today, and I will be leaving tomorrow. What an incredible experience I have had here in Kenya. It has meant so much to me to break ground for Home of Health & Babies and finally get started on this new project that I have been wanting to do for 16 years. It truly is a dream come true for me, and even more than I could have ever dreamed of because I get to do this project in cooperation with the Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation and the Rejlers. Thank you so much to everyone who donated baby clothing, supported or contributed in some way. It fills my heart knowing that so many people continue to support us. I am leaving Kenya with a full heart and new excitement of seeing Home of Health & Babies grow from the ground up!

Sophie Lööf

Lööf Foundation Chairman & Founder

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