The girls’ Razkals team in Cebu, Philippines is a resilient, determined and hard-working group of girls. During the beginning of December 2017, we donated many football clothes, shoes, socks and jackets to the boys and girls Razkal teams.
The girls have been training very hard! They are currently practicing for the upcoming Labogon Cup on January 27 and 28. They are coming off a recent 1st place win in the Atiatihan Cup in Kalibo, Phillipines.

They have qualified for Regionals and will find out at the end of February/beginning of March if they will be representing region 7 in playing for the 2018 nationals.

The girls’ Razkals team has no football field to practice on, as it can be costly, and they do not receive funding, as well there are not a lot of football fields in the area. They practice on a church parking lot made from dirt. Throughout the practice the girls must move out of the way to allow cars to enter and leave the parking lot. The team consists of 15 core girls, who come to every practice, but on some occasions the practice can have up to 40 girls, as the team is open and free to all girls.

Despite these obstacles, the girls have been determined to succeed and we here at Lööf Foundation are very proud and happy for the girls in their most recent win! We know how much hard work and dedication they put into this sport! We have our fingers crossed that they will make nationals this year and wish them the best of luck in their upcoming tournament!




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