Morgan and Niklas’s Diary – November 12, 2017:


This morning I was up early at 6:00, as I couldn’t sleep from excitement for today. Home of Hope was very still and quiet and I got the opportunity to watch the sun rise. It was very beautiful to watch as the light danced along the mountainsides. We headed to the school to put up the rest of the party items and put together the stand that holds the wood. Once we got the wood in the stand, it felt as if the whole room was complete. The technical workshop that we have helped to create was a gift given to Martin Lundstedt in honour of his 50th birthday. Martin is the board director of the family business Partex and CEO of Volvo worldwide. Sophie Lööf who is the majority owner of Partex founded the Lööf Foundation. Part of the money that Partex makes is donated to the Lööf Foundation, therefore this workshop was given to Martin by the Lööf family, Lööf Foundation and Partex together. Our hope with the technical workshop is to give the school children of Ratankot the opportunity to learn, create and give them inspiration from Martin so that they too can be successful in their future.

It was really great to see the wood working teacher, Lapa Lama helping the children to plane and saw pieces of wood. He did a great job being patient with the children and letting them learn hands on! He made a comment to Shyam, saying how happy he was that he gets the opportunity to teach children.

Many children came to the classroom to put their hand prints on the wall and paint some trucks and buses! They did a really great job! Once we were ready, all of the children gathered outside of the classroom. I helped the headmaster to cut the Swedish ribbon, and then everyone ran into the classroom very excited! We handed out cookies, juice and candies to all of the school children. We had Nepalese music playing, children dancing and singing, and then we opened the confetti and threw it over the children. All the children’s eyes lit up with joy, and they started putting their hands out for more confetti. It was really fun to open the confetti bombs that I brought from Sweden, it really felt like a party atmosphere! All of the kids were interested in the sewing machine, and took turns peddling.

Asha showed the children how to make a small pillow. There were around 10 children surrounding her, watching very closely. It felt so great to hold the inauguration today, and see the excitement and curiosity in the children’s faces. We have worked the whole trip preparing and making the classroom ready. It feels great to have it complete, and that the children will be able to start using it right away. The knowledge that they will learn from Martin Lundstedt’s technical workshop will really benefit them in their futures. The headmaster was so thankful and overjoyed for the classroom, and kept telling Niklas and I how happy he was and how much this classroom will be good for the children.

After cleaning up the classroom a bit, we headed back up to Home of Hope. I helped the older girls and Asha to prepare the filling for momo’s, while Niklas spent some time with the boys in their room. I think it’s been really great to have a male representative as all of the boys have connected with Niklas. It’s very cute to see them follow him around, play with him and spend quality time. Niklas and I helped the children to write their letters back to their sponsors. I was quite impressed by many of the children’s English, and as always, loved seeing what they have to draw and write to their sponsors. They really do care for their sponsors as if they are family.

It’s been a very long day, but a very fulfilling and joyful day, with so much excitement and fun! I will go to sleep feeling very happy!

We woke up early today to see the sunrise which was magical. It goes from very cold to a warmth that could be measured to a hot summer day in Sweden. It was a hectic day trying to keep out all of the curious children from grabbing and using all of the new tools while we set up. The small celebration that I thought would happen, became so much more than just a celebration. So many children broke out in dance, confetti war, children singing and the head master dancing. After a long celebration, we tiredly walked back to Home of Hope. I felt really happy to be able to help some of the children write their sponsor letters. I got to look at the globe with some children and show them where their sponsors live. It was really exciting to see how the children, Asha and Shyam make momo’s. It’s really amazing to see how much effort, time and love they put into making special food for the children, as it took them three hours to make. The children loved the momo’s so much, it only took them 10-15 minutes to eat.

Morgan and Niklas

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