Morgan and Monica’s Diary – May 24, 2017

First thing this morning, we went together with Shyam to his parents’ house to interview an applicant who wants to live at Home of Hope. It was very nice to meet her and hear her story. On our walk, back to Home of Hope we stopped by at a villager’s temporary tunnel house as they were starting to build a new home. It was really great to see that some people are now starting to rebuild their homes after the earthquakes that struck in May 2015. Shyam helped to give some building advice which was good since he took part in the building process of Home of Hope.

Once back at Home of Hope we helped the other workers continue with the construction process of the chicken house. We finished the flooring in the storage area of the chicken house and laid cement to dry. We got the window frames put in place and the bamboo arrived today. It was a lot of work to saw the right sizes of bamboo and also to split them in half as we will use bamboo for the walls. We put up the roof as well to provide shade and will attach and secure it tomorrow. We also dug the front area of the chicken house to create space for an outside area for the chickens. Lastly, we started a walkway down to the chicken house. Everyone has been working so hard to help complete the chicken house before we leave, that it’s starting to show we are very tired.

Morgan had four applicants visit today to meet again and be interviewed once more. It was really great to see some of the kids who I’ve met before in September, as they are older now. Monica did a home visit to one of our worker’s wife who has asthma. Sometimes she has bad spells, but right now she is in a good state. The lady was showing me the oxygen machine she keeps at home. She was very happy and proud since it is an expensive equipment to own in such a remote village. It has probably saved her life. I gave her some medicine to compliment the supply she already had.

Later this evening while the children were waiting for dinner, they played what they called a “drama” which meant they pretended they were at school. Binita was the teacher and in charge while Samjhana and Purna arrived at school in a car that they used a stick for. Hari, Preeti, Asha and Shyam were all cooking. It was a very cozy and comforting feeling to sit back and observe everyone. All of the children were playing together and I could barely tell that none of them are related as they all treat each other as if they are real brothers and sisters. It truly is an amazing feeling to be a part of this wonderful family!

Morgan and Monica







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