Sophie’s Diary – February 28, 2017

I joined together with Judith Stewart who is the owner of Cuthbert & Stewart Ltd to donate to the Helping Hands of Devonport Organization. They provide the homeless of Auckland, New Zealand with food, clothing and hygiene products. Many wonderful women who volunteer their time at Helping Hands of Devonport feed approximately 140 homeless people in Auckland. The organization is dependent on donations. They often cover many of the costs from their own pockets. Every Tuesday at 18:45 they put their stand up and all the homeless come to enjoy a home cooked meal. Of the homeless they feed, there are eight that cannot walk, so they go up to them and give them a meal.

Many of the people they feed have become homeless from violence in the home, mental illnesses and many of the youth on the street have come from very violent homes. It was so very sad to hear that many youth find it safer on the streets than in their own homes. This Tuesday the women from Helping Hands of Devonport served chili con carne, chicken curry with rice, macaroni and cheese, corn fritters and for dessert ambrosia, flan, strawberry cakes and watermelon. Apparently, the homeless love watermelon sine they are often de-hydrated. They change their menu every week depending on what food they have been given. The women and children always go first when they line up for food and they always say grace before their meal.

It felt good to be able to contribute and donate to this wonderful project that helps so many people. We gave them lots of hygiene products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, sanitary items for women, soap, shampoo & conditioner, wipes, many paper plates, knife & forks, plastic cups, serviettes, tea & coffee, milk powder, chocolate drink mix, juice mix, laundry detergent, deodorant, cotton buds, shaving equipment for men, raisins, underwear for both men and women, crackers, biscuits, noodles and wash cloths.

Judith who lives in Devonport learned about Helping Hands through the local community newspaper which had written a feature on the women who volunteer. It was so great to hear the enthusiasm Judith feels for Lööf Foundation, “It has been a wonderful experience to see firsthand the work that Sophie and the Lööf Foundation do for people in need. The Foundation is inspirational and the team at CSL will follow with great interest future projects.”

If you want to get into contact with Helping Hands of Devonport in Auckland, please e-mail them at

Sophie Lööf

Founder and Chairman of Lööf Foundation





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