Home of Hope children, Monica and Morgan’s Diary – September 17, 2016,

Today is the day off of school for the children. It was so nice to have the whole day to spend with the kids! After breakfast Monica and I together with the children, Shyam and Asha went through their clothes, to see what fit and what didn’t. After we knew exactly what clothes each child had, we set up all the clothes, jewelry, shoes, hats, gloves, jackets, underwear, reusable pads for the girls and water bottles Monica and I had brought with us from Sweden and some items Monica had bought in Kathmandu with her donated money. It looked like a small shop once we laid everything out.

We took the children two by two so they could try on and see what fit. Once they got their new items we gave them a juice pack. They all seemed so happy to get a new jacket, and especially a new water bottle for school!

trying-on          trying

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Since we handed out the reusable pads that the girls can wash it gave us a good opportunity to start talking to the girls about their periods, how the body works and matures as they age into womanhood. Morgan and I had a good talk with the girls and Asha helped translate for us. They were curious but a little shy to talk about these things. We also explained how babies are made, and talked about sex, love, protection from diseases and how to protect against pregnancy. This was new information for the children.

We had the same talk with the boys where Shyam translated for us before they went to bed. It was a more laid back atmosphere with the boys as they found it very funny. They were more open and talkative than the girls which I find is the same wherever I give a sex talk to teenagers. They were very interested in the protection part of the talk.

dsc_1415          womens

I finished the last of the health check up on the children, and they all seem healthy and normal size for a Nepali child. Today was a great day, we did a lot of work but spent the whole day with the children which I loved!

After the talk we helped put up a laundry line for the kids to dry their clothes. Then we all started playing soccer and set up goalie posts with rocks behind the house. It was Aren, Bishek, Hari and Shree against Binita, Samjhana, Sunits, Shyam and I. They all were so good and played hard! Then me and most of the children went to plant some seeds in the garden with Shyam and put down sticks for the pea vines to grow up on.

All of the children sung nepalese songs while we weeded and it sounded so beautiful, they even made a poem about Monica and I! Then the boys went and got two chickens from the village below us. It was a special occasion tonight because Monica and I wanted to celebrate every child’s birthday since I won’t be here for all of them. I asked some of the children what their thoughts on today were and they said this:

Puja: I want to sing songs and dance everyday like we we did today! I liked gardening the most!
Sunita: My favourite part of today was playing soccer!
Binita: I liked gardening the best!
Samjhana: I liked singing and dancing with Monica and Morgan the most!
Laxmi: I loved looking at new books and my new necklace!
Purna: My favourite part of the day was getting gifts and our birthday party!
Preeti: I had the most fun working together and having fun in the garden.
Aren: The funniest part of the day was the talk with us boys, Morgan was laughing so then I laughed!
Hari: I liked getting new clothes, playing soccer and being surprised.

Home of Hope children, Monica and Morgan

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