Today’s purchases
70 fleece blankets were bought to the young children and 70 pieces of good quality tarpaulin to build tents out of for all the families with small children. Lots of medication was bought as well, which included: anti diarrhea tablets, fever, cough suppressant, wound cleaning, antibacterial ointment, plasters, bandages etc. Sleeping mats were also provided for everyone in the village, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes. Not included in the photo: 70 teddy bears and two footballs, there were only two footballs bought because one costs as much as a shelter for a family of six people. The few footballs the children had previously were destroyed when the buildings collapsed. We also bought three badminton sets. Then there were solar panels, a battery, a solar charging station for mobile phones and four LEDs as well as wiring. A big problem I noticed in Ratankot is that they cannot charge their phones. Today, we could not contact them when we needed to check things out. So I decided to get solar chargers with batteries capable of charging 6 handsets and operate 4 lights during the night. It will first be placed in community hall and then be in the Home of Hope when the kids move in.

6:30 I woke up from all the sounds outside. It’s full speed all around, aid helicopters, aid airplanes and passenger plans are passing by just above the monastery. Here everyone get up when it gets light and works until it gets dark. It’s starting to get hot, yesterday it was 35 degrees. I hope it stays a little cooler today. Eating my porridge with apple and cinnamon, I also drink my coffee and water. It all tastes great!

7:33 5-8 seconds aftershock. I stay a while in my room until the panic on the streets settles, people are really frightened and there will be panic right away when the aftershocks come.

7:50 I started a washing machine and then went out on the streets in Kathmandu to get to Karma’s shop where we were going to meet.

8:00 At Karma’s shop, everything is closed, Karma nor Shyam were present. I went and took money out of the ATM machine and sat and waited as one do in Nepal.

8:25 Karma and Shyam show up on a moped. We sat down and planned the day. Shyam’s brother in law set off on the moped to initiate purchases. I started to send pictures to Sophie now that I have internet in Karma’s store so she has some work waiting for her when she wakes up!

10:00 Karma and I go to the bank to take out more money since today’s limit in ATM withdrawals (100 thousand NPR) is reached. It doesn’t work at all unfortunately. Thankfully, Karma has money in the meantime until we can take out more money from the ATM. On Nepalese banks they have guards with sawed-off shotguns on their back and cartridge belts at their waist.

11:30 Back in Karma’s shop, he sets off for more purchases. He has also engaged other members of the family of the purchases. It is much more complicated to shop here than in Sweden.

12:30 I went to have lunch at the Hyatt Hotel and order myself a Gorkha beer which felt nice but I got a little bad conscious as the lunch cost as much as a shelter for a whole family. The hotel has assigned their gardens to the tent camp, feels very good that they also contribute.

13:30 Went shopping for water and I also check the prices for solar panels for the Home of Hope. They are cheaper than I thought, which is very good. Then I go back to Karma’s shop, and only find Nirmala (Karma’s wife) there.

15:00 I get a chance to look a bit on facebook, it feels so good with all the support and positive comments. It warms my heart and gives me strength to continue working, thank you all !!!!!

15:40 Talking to Sophie on the phone, we talked about how to prioritize purchases. It feels very good to talk to her, she is a really good support for me and does a fantastic job for our efforts in Nepal from home. I would not have been able to do all these things here in Nepal without her job in Sweden, thanks Sophie!

16:00 I sent more pictures of Sophie, it takes quite a bit longer than in Sweden. Then I walked back to the monastery.

17:45 Karma comes and delivers tarpaulin (70 pieces), we also fold up all 70 blankets before our journey tomorrow, Shyam delivers solar chargers and batteries plus lots of medicine.

19:00 We also decide to buy 70 teddy bears for all the young children. It has been so appreciated in many countries we have been to and hopefully brings a little joy and comfort in the difficult times that are going on right now.

19:30 Starting to cook dinner and writing in my diary. Today it is goulash stew and it tastes good. Feeling a little bit ill, my cold has not gone away yet.

20:45 Shyam came with the last purchases of medicine.

21:00 Now the diary is finished I take a shower, hoping that there is hot water. Then I will need to do some accounting. It is a little difficult with all handwritten receipts when you do not understand Nepali.

21:15 I photograph today’s purchases and send the image to Sophie. I’m getting tired now, it seems as there is no hot water in the shower today. I reflect a little about how fun it is to work together with your partner, it doesn’t get better than this! Getting the chance to share and do something like this together is tremendously meaningful and joyful. There are probably only a few people who get to experience this much together! That is the end for today, thank you all who read today’s diary!

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